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Product description

A new complete range of premium accessories from the official PGA Tour brand.

Introducing the PGA Tour Pro Sized putting green. The versatile design of the green will allow you to use both indoors and out to give you the best opportunity to practice your putting all year round.

Product highlights

The PGA Tour Pro Sized Putting Green uses a Pro-putt professional standard artificial turf that eplicates putting on a smooth green. Produced from the highest grade materials, it provides outstanding durability with the very best roll characteristics of artificial putting greens.

Weather resistant

Suitable for outdoor or indoor use

Brilliant invation

Highest Grade Artificial Turf For Smooth Roll

Two gradient high quality turf, simulates the soft & rough of a course


Removable mini flags & regulation sized putting cups.

The Key


Large size

1.5m x 3m (4.9ft x 9.8ft) Large deluxe putting green



Quality turf

Green Pile Height – 10mm PP(Polypropylene).
Four Tone Grass Pile Height – 30mm PE (Polyethylene).
8mm Heavy Duty EVA non-slip base.


449.99 359.99

User reviews


Really good quality product. Wish it came with a bag for roll-up and storage option.


Really good putting mat. It arrived a little later than I expected and I tried contacting them but never got a reply but still can’t complain about the product. I love it!


I am very happy with this purchase. I joined a golf league last year, I had far too many days where I 3 putted and typically was in the mid 20s for total putts for 9 holes. I purchased this green and used a minimum of once a week over winter (usually 3 or 4 nights a week for 5-10 mins depending on the day) and now I very rarely 3 putt. It has improved my putting a lot!


449.99 359.99

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