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Product description

This Net Playz Smart Pro Speed Vision Radar clocks your speed and records your highlights so you can review and share them. Great for use in multiple sports, this durable metal radar is an excellent way to develop skills and measure performance, with its two MEGA pixel camera capability and wireless remote control wristband

Product highlights

Smart Pro captures your speed whether you kick, bat or throw. Ball speed, swing speed, pitch speed for multiple sports.

Capture the action in real time. Record all the memories of your sporting achievents in 720p 30fps with the action camera.

Self Film

The wireless remote control band enables you to have
complete control of the Smart Pro from a distance.

249.99 199.99

Brilliant inovation

Clock your speed

Measures in miles per hour & kilometres per hour and it can be taken anywhere (carry bag included)



Bright LED Display and it’s speed range from 3 to 200mph and from 5 to 399kph.


HD wide angle lens with resolution of 1280×720 30fps. Video material is stored on Micro SD card.

Control Band

2.4GHz Bluetooth remote control.  Smart Pro App – Watch your videos on your smartphone or tablet.

249.99 199.99


249.99 199.99

User reviews


 Love this product and all the features it has! I can now easily record, watch playbacks of all my practices and share on Facebook. So cool! And the radar is pretty darn accurate, as I matched it up with my pricey pocket radar.

Mr. Malloy

I don’t know how accurate it is and I don’t really care. My son uses it to see how fast his hockey shots are. It gets him outside working towards a new “high score” instead of inside playing video games or watching TV. And best of all high shot has improved.


Not super accurate but is still fun to play with friends


249.99 199.99

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