Product description

Use the ‘supido personal radar’ to tell you how fast a ball is travelling! Great for all sports: golf, cricket, tennis, football, rugby, squash, badminton, hockey, sprinting, handball, baseball etc.

Superb for the individual, club or coach at measuring ball,running or racket speed.

Product highlights

Light weight and durable design for easy use.
Hands-free operation unlike most other speed gun.
Can be used by a single person.
Design to mounted on any standard camera tripod.
Ideal for measuring movement or ball speed in most sports.

Superb display

Bright led display can be easily seen from a distance

Brilliant invation

Easy usage for multiple sports

Supido is lightweight and easy to use. Unlike most of other
radar guns, it does not require a second person to hold it
and point at the target.

Small battery usage

Automatic battery saver – extends the life of batteries when not in use. – Requires 5 aa batteries

The Key


Long measure distance

Measures from 1 meter to 9 meters.


The supido accurately measures the speed of your delivery

High speed measure

Measures up to 150mph (199km/h)support stand so can be placed on any flat surface.



User reviews


Great for a warm up for kids football.
It gets them exited and ready for training.
It also helps train players to shoot straight, and lets them find out for themself the best way to kick a ball with power.


I bought this for use as a “fastest shot” competition at an Under 10s football mini-tournament.
It’s easy to use, but requires careful positioning otherwise it will read widely different speeds for apparently similar shots.
Once it is positioned correctly it’s great fun for kids and parents.
Just watch the competitive Dad’s queuing for “Just one more go” 🙂

Mrs. Clarke

Bought to measure my golf swing speed and for my daughter to Practise her hockey penalty shots. Like the big digital read out and simple set up.



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